John Malanca Weekly Roundup: Breathing

Breathing is something most healthy people do without giving it a second thought.

For those of us that have chosen to wear a mask during this pandemic like me, this action of mask wearing has made me acutely aware of what it is like to breathe freely.

Glasses getting fogged up, we are swimming in a sea of anonymity, facial expressions are only being conveyed through our eyes and with every breath we are re-breathing our own.  My breathing has changed as I write this thinking about it.

The masks for many may even create a personal claustrophobia while you are out in public.

Some of the other things that the masks have made me realize I took for granted are being able to just stop and smell the roses, or while walking down the street smelling the scents coming from your local pizza joint, or even this summer’s BBQ cookouts throughout the neighborhood or parks.  I even had a friend who shared that she missed the smell of sunscreen which always reminds her of the ocean.

One thing I find healing is scent.  It can bring back memories of some of the greatest times of our lives or the ones you miss the most.

All these aromatic compounds found in the cannabis plant are called ‘terpenes’.  Like cannabinoids, they all play a major role in healing in form or the other.  Some are my favorites, which may be yours as well and you did not even realize it are:

  • Pinene – Pine Scent – Anxiety Relief
  • Myrcene – Mango – Sedating
  • Linalool – Lavender – Calming
  • Limonene – Lemon – Energizing

So next time you’re out, enjoy the fresh air, some sunlight and the aromatic scents that loft through our daily life’s…and think, how does it make you feel? did it change your mood? did it bring you somewhere else…besides being behind that mask.

Stop and smell the roses and keep breathing…


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