John Malanca Weekly Roundup: HOPE

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Time, especially this year, is seemingly at a stand-still.

Many of you have children who one way or the other, will be going back to school in the coming weeks.  Perhaps you’re rushing around getting in some last-minute summer fun.  I have friends who have brought new life into our world during this pandemic–just this week!

Recently, however it also saddens me to say I’ve taken calls from many of you who have lost loved ones at the same speed…my heart goes out to you.  This circle of life is our reality, the truth of being human.

This time of year will always be difficult for me.  I can’t believe that three years ago my beautiful wife Corinne was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and in August of that year, we were in the midst of that battle.  While her disease was daunting, we had so much HOPE that she, of all people, would beat it.  As hard as it was during that time, HOPE made our journey of fighting cancer easier.  I learned so many lessons from my wife and my marriage. One of the most important was that sometimes we need HOPE.

HOPE can be the extra “umph” we need to fight many of life’s battles; as they will certainly come.

So my hard-learned advice for anyone going through seemingly impossible times such as a cancer diagnosis or a global pandemic is to HOPE…

As more and more of you have turned to Cannabis for healing, you have learned many of its benefits.  I am always the first to say, “it is not the magic ticket” as I have seen it work and I have seen it disappoint…

As the acceptance of Cannabis gains momentum, so do the studies.  My HOPE for this plant is that it will be globally recognized as another tool in battling ailments.

On this day I continue the work Corinne and I started in 2011.  We here at United Patients Group, continue to be that hand holding safety net many of you have turned to over the years.  I am privileged to give you HOPE.

In that spirit and in the memory of an incredible woman who lived through her cancer journey with COURAGE and HOPE and a lot of LOVE, please let us know if there are topics you’d like covered.  My team and I are here for you!

On this beautiful August day remember to HOPE you can go on.

HOPE that every day brings love and HOPE there is a possibility of something positive.

That is how I live my life.  Sadly, I know all too well; LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

I HOPE you live it to the best of your potential!

With Love and Hope,

John Malanca

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