Suite 443 in house grown Ecto Cooler Review by Amco

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This one eighth sample come in a glass container with gold and while lettering and labels. The THC tested at 24.1% and the CBD .04%. This was harvested on 7-10-2020 after that it was tested 13 days later. The genetics of the strain is Delicious California orange x gorilla biscuit. Lets get on to some Amco High Opinions.

The Look

This sample is made up of smaller pieces of flower at about 10 pieces all together. The jar appeal is in tact for the most part despite this.These buds are a olive or drab green with tight pistil formations .I should have got to this faster . Amco High Opinion 7.5

The Smell

The Nose on this flower is just banging. Myrcyne skunk terpenes are most noticeable to myself. This terpene is thought to help the THC cross the blood brain barrier. I think I smell a terpene called cymene that many people find that smells like the cumin seed.Pine sent is present as well Amco High Opinion 10 of 10 this mixture of sent gets my brain happy.

The Cure

This sample of in house grown flower has a few amber tricomes, Lots of Clouded bulbous heads. There is a descent percentage to the clear to translucent orbs as well. I removed a bud from the jar and gave her a squeeze and the bud did regain the shape of its original form. Amco High Opinion 9 of 10.

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The Taste

Sour notes of flavanoids hit my tongue but play second fiddle to the complex skunk tastes on the inhale of this half gram sample that is wrapped in a OCB virgin paper. The exhale is even more complex with my best explanation being kerosene with a minuscule pine hint. Amco High Opinion on taste is a 9. Had the pine sent carried to the taste it been a perfect score for me as well.

The Effect This Flower was effective for me reducing my muscle pain by a number, possibly almost 2. The distraction from the pain was great and remarkable. The length of the intoxication seem to be a little shorter than I expected I am not sure if that a tolerance issue or if that may be one the columns that this strain could excel at next run. Amco High Opinion on Effect on pain 7 of 10

That leaves us with a over all Amco High Opinion 8.5

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