Vitality CBD Gummies-600mg


✔️ HIGHEST QUALITY CBD GUMMIESCBD Direct Oils is 100% organically grown, CO2 extraction, made with Non-GMO solvents, and MADE IN THE U.S.A!

✔️ PAIN AND INFLAMMATION – Are you an athlete? Do you exercise? Do you carry the discomforts of ill effects on your body from hard vigorous workouts? CBD Direct Oils is an extraordinary enhancement that treats our bodies pains, aches, arthritis, aggravation, and inflammation.

✔️ STRESS AND ANXIETY – Let’s face it, we are altogether focused! CBD Direct Oils is a basic enhancement for individuals with stress and uneasiness. CBD Direct Oils is the astonishing quieting impact it has, and the capacity to diminish your pressure and tension to enable you to perform at your peak.

✔️ PROVIDES FOCUS, ENERGY, AND BETTER SLEEP – When you get up in the first part of the day you’re prepared to wrestle a bear, deal with your hardest ventures, and have the focal point of a military pilot. At the point when your head hits the cushion, you will rest like an infant. CBD Direct Oils gives you center and vitality amid the day, however enables the body to recuperate and helps in amazing night rests.


Supplement Facts:

Suggested use 1-2 servings daily

Serving per container: 30 Gummies

Serving Size: 1 Bear(20MG)

Amount per serving 20%pv

Daily value not established

Less .03% THC content

Other ingredients: MCT Oil

No pyschoactive effects

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