AMCO’s 2nd Review of Black Jack from GSM and grown by Natural State Medicinal

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This sample doesn’t have the THC content listed on the label. Weedmaps has it listed at 23.3%. It is a 70% Indica dominate and gets its genetics from Black Domina crossed with Jack Herer. This strain has a lot of potential for patients looking to treat symptoms of chronic pain , anxiety and PtSd .

The Look

~ The look rates 7 out of 10. This 1/8th oz sample is much denser than in the first review for sure from back in April. The coloration is a light lime green with tightly wound golden pistils. It’s not as frosty as before. Looking back to the grading system in April, I wouldn’t say its comparing apples to apples. Please remember I’m learning with y’all as well.

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The Smell

~ The smell of this sample rates a perfect 10. It brings to mind a freshly cut tall Arkansas pine. It’s dank and pungent that hits you in your sinuses. There are some subtle floral notes that may be Geranyl Acetate which known for its antimicrobial use.

The Cure

~ The cure rates 8 out 10. The squeeze test shows this sample is super moist and rebounds back to its natural state. All three stages of tricombs, clear, clouded and amber, are present. Most heads on the bulbs are opaque. There are a few begining to turn amber.

Thanks to OCB USA For there support of Amco they Supplied the paper for this review.

The Taste

~ The taste rates 9 out of 10. With the dry hit, I found flavors of camphor, pine and cedar. After lighting all of the aromas I found with my nose was also found by my taste buds. It’s a walk thru a forrest. If you’ve ever cut your own firewood, you know what I’m talking about. I think the cedar flavor I’m picking up is from a terp called Cedrene. It’s been found effective in fighting tumor cells and is being researched to help in the treatment of cancer.

The Effect

~ The effect rates 9 out of 10. After ingesting a half gram dose, it gave me the yawns for sure and I was able to settle in and remain in one position for a long while. I’d say it reduced my nerve pain by two numbers and my muscle pain by four numbers. It did a nice job settling my anxiety and PTSD by stabilizing my mood.


~ Overall this sample of Black Jack rates 8.8 out of 10. This harvest is better than the last one.

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