Not All CBD Is the Same: 5 Key Differences to Know

It seems as though “CBD” is the new buzz word on the health scene, but few people actually know what this compound does, how it’s extracted, and the differences between products. If you hear about the benefits of CBD on TV or read about them in an article, a lot of the time, it’s referred to as one umbrella term—although there are several subsets of product consumers should be mindful of.

We’re going to take a look at five variances that can affect the quality and efficiency of your CBD experience. Keep them in mind before making any future purchases!

  1. Organic Production is Optimal

CBD stands for “cannabidiol”, a type of cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants (otherwise known as hemp or marijuana plants). To extract the chemical compound, farmers must first harvest the plant from the ground—and not all farming methods are sustainable.

Your first priority should be checking whether your CBD product comes from 100% organic hemp, like the ones we offer at Sensei CBD. An organic certification can confirm the hemp crops used in the creation process are free of residual toxins common to agriculture, such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMOs.

We guarantee our organic CBD products are non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free—but not all companies can make the same promise. If you’re looking for skincare treatments that we don’t carry in our inventory, or an item is out of stock, be sure to shop with trusted CBD brands like CBDfx that can provide a similar quality to our assortment.

  1. Treatments are Diverse

The media attention on CBD usually refers to the compound itself and rarely covers the many different forms of treatment consumers have the option to choose from. Holistic health benefits may vary depending on whether your product is inhaled, ingested, or applied topically.

For example, there are all-natural CBD salves that you can rub onto sore muscles—similar to Icy Hot pain-relieving gel—for targeted relief, as well as facial masks that offer direct acne solutions. Alternatively, you can shop capsules, pills, gummies, beverages, oils, and tinctures that are consumed to promote overall well-being.

There are some CBD flower strains that contain 0% THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana known to make you feel high) or you can smoke CBD-dominate strains for a mild psychedelic effect.

  1. There are Many Types of Cannabinoids

Scientists have identified over a hundred different cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in marijuana plants, many of which offer holistic health benefits. A “full-spectrum” CBD product means that it contains all (or nearly all) of these compounds and therefore offers greater therapeutic benefits.

  1. CBD Isolate Comes in Crystals

If you’re looking for CBD in its purest form, then choose a product labeled as “CBD isolate”. Pure CBD crystals typically contain 98-99% cannabidiol, but not all manufacturers use the same extraction process. Do your research and make sure you choose products that use the CO2 extraction method for the safest end-result possible. Otherwise, petroleum-based chemicals (such as butane) can result in toxic byproducts in your CBD.

  1. Strength Concentration Varies

Cannabidiol offers a safer alternative for the management of chronic pain compared to habit-forming prescriptions. Depending on which symptoms you suffer from, you might be interested in finding the strongest, most potent CBD treatment to alleviate pain and inflammation. If you’re looking for medicated oils, it’s important to compare the strength of the entire formula against the recommended serving. CBD is popular amongst those who struggle getting to sleep and there are many cbd pillow reviews for those interested.

The label of a high-quality product should clearly tell you how much you need to take, and how many total servings are in a 30- or 50ml bottle. For example, a 10mg dose of Vicodin will be pre-measured in the pill bottle, but CBD oil comes with a dropper that you place under the tongue. Most products recommend starting with a dose of 250mg, but you may suggest a smaller or larger serving depending on the strength of concentration.

The stronger it is, the less oil you’ll need to effectively achieve the results you’re after. As a reference, Sensei CBD offers the strongest formula packed with 5000mg in a 30ml bottle; all you’ll need is just a couple drops to get the job done!

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