Introducing Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care

Introducing Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care


Have you ever experienced the comfort, ease, and bliss of a powerful CBD Body Care product?

Since 2015, Pure Hemp Botanicals has been delivering you pure, vegan, high-quality, hemp based cannabinoid products. We are so excited to present our new line of all-natural, vegan, plant-powered CBD Body Care products! Give your body and skin the compassionate care it deserves. Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Care products noticeably hydrate and replenish the skin giving your body a luminous glow while adding an extra layer of comfort to help with soreness, dryness, cracking, and more. Our Body Care line offers you customized ways to utilize the power of Pure Hemp cannabinoids so you can move with ease and experience your body at its best every day!

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We have been hard at work formulating the perfect therapeutic cannabinoid Body Care products you can seamlessly incorporate into your lifestyle. Crafted for comfort, hydration therapy, infused with pure essential oils and organically grown CBD, our Body Care products are just the thing your body needs. We can’t wait for you to feel the difference. Experience the power of pure plant-based ingredients and active cannabinoids working on a cellular level with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care! Made with potent botanicals, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients, our formulas are compassionate to your body and our planet. 

400mg CBD Body Lotion   Revive and rejuvenate your tired sore body with Pure Hemp CBD Lotion for deep nourishment that goes beyond the surface. Rich in organic Aloe Leaf juice, this silky formula glides right into the skin delivering vital hydration and active cannabinoids to the skin purely and effectively. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Lotion has a thin lightweight consistency for even absorption. A little goes a long way with this formula. Provide your body with the compassionate care it deserves. This silky lightweight formula gives your body a lasting luminous glow. Naturally scented with subtle notes of rosewater, willow bark, and rosemary oil, our Body Lotion is crafted with the finest botanicals for a purifying experience. Give yourself the compassion you deserve and enjoy silky, smooth, pampered skin with our 400mg Body Lotion formula.

500mg CBD Cooling Gel   Bring cooling relief to those hot, bothered muscles. Our Cooling Gel delivers a powerful blast of 500mg of Pure Hemp CBD, paired with powerful icy Menthol, and therapeutic essential oils such as Peppermint oil and Rosemary oil. Our Cooling Gel formula effectively eases tension so you can move freely with an extra layer of comfort. This 500mg Cooling Gel comes in a convenient, mess-free roll-on bottle. Apply our lightweight cooling gel generously to any area you wish to target before or after workouts and everyday activities. This icy relief cannabinoid formula will leave your body tingling with joy! Our roll-on is perfect to take on the go, to work, everyday activities, and have handy in your gym bag. Give yourself a little extra love and care to support your wellness and workout goals with our 500mg Cooling Gel.

500mg or 100mg CBD Warming Balm  Treat your body to a wonderfully warming experience, powered by 500mg of Pure Hemp CBD, Arnica, hydrating plant botanicals and a soothing aromatherapy blend. We can’t wait for you to smell the relaxing aromas of the pure lavender and peppermint essential oil prevalent in this formulation. Soothe aches, and get relief with this ultra-hydrating Warming Balm stick formulated with potent botanicals and vegan ingredients such as Pure Hemp CBD, Lavender oil, Arnica oil, and Peppermint oil. Apply mess-free by rubbing the stick on areas you wish to target. This formula absorbs evenly into the skin barrier giving you lasting results. Deliver a warm rush of cannabinoids and therapeutic essential oils to those stubborn knots and stress points. Your body deserves the comfort and compassionate care our 500mg Warming Balm delivers. (Also available in travel size 100mg stick) 

We are so excited for you to experience your body and skin at its best with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care products. Our Body Lotion, Cooling Gel, and Warming Balm will provide your body comforting relief, essential hydration, and a luminous glow!

Support your skin and body wellness with 25% OFF Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care products!

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