Illinois Cannabis Sales to Non-Residents Booming

Illinois cannabis sales to out-of-state residents have nearly doubled since sales began in January from $8.6 million to $17.2 million in August, the Center Square reports. Under state law, non-Illinoisans can purchase 15 grams of flower per dispensary visit while residents can purchase up to 30 grams.

Sales in the state seem to set new records every month climbing from $44.3 million in May to $47.6 million in June, $61 million in July, and $64 million in August. The state sold $39.2 million in cannabis during January and $30.6 million of those sales were to in-state residents, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sales in the state remained strong at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, reaching $37.3 million in April; just $7.6 million of April’s sales were to out-of-staters.

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