Article – PoliticusUSA “Mitch McConnell To Kill House Passed Marijuana Decriminalization Bill”

We all knew that. It was fun while it lasted !

All we can say is the hemp industry lucked out because he had some important friends in Kentucky

On the plus side the concept of the legislation is at least fomalized and there’s something that can go through the house again at some stage of the Biden presidency.

PoliticusUSA write..

The New York Times reported, “The legislation is, for now, almost certainly doomed in the Republican-led Senate, where that party’s leaders have derided it as a superficial distraction from the work of passing coronavirus relief, as lawmakers inched toward bipartisan compromise after spending months locked in an impasse.”

The Republican Senate can’t even properly keep the government funded and is unwilling to deal with pandemic relief. If the decriminalization bill were brought to the floor, it would not have the votes to pass.

The lesson for every American who wants to see a government that works for them is that whether the issue is pandemic relief, healthcare, criminal justice reform, gun violence, or marijuana legalization, the biggest obstacle to progress in the nation remains Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell To Kill House Passed Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

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