How much documentation do you need for a medical card?

I’m 23 and am looking into getting a medical card, as I smoke recreationally for health purposes. Over the years I’ve had confirmed diagnoses of PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD and I also have pretty extreme pain during my menstrual cycle that over the counter pain meds don’t address.

I’ve found that Marijuana in any form makes all of these issues more livable when I was 21, and since I’ve gained stability from smoking I’ve made more strides in making my life better than I thought possible!

I wanna be legit and get a medical card, but my issue is that because I’ve moved around a lot, changed/lost insurance, and generally have had an unstable home life until the past year, the only thing I have formally documented is my ADHD.

I was formally diagnosed with things but I just have no contact with the doctors that did so and it’s not like they gave me a “You have PTSD” certificate.

This makes me concerned that I may be turned down if I get an appointment to move forward with this.

Does anyone have any advice? I’m in the state of Florida btw.

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