The First Modular Cannabis Vaping Device Gets Introduced By Furna

Furna, a cannabis hardware manufacturer, founded by former BlackBerry executives, announced the introduction of the world’s first-ever modular cannabis vaping device. It has swappable, pre-loadable ovens for dry herbs and concentrates. This dry herb vaporizer is now available online. One can order it online and receive it in time for the holidays. The device is being delivered to the United States and Canada.

The goal of the new vaping device is to make vaping the best experience for anyone, whether a novice or an experienced vaper. Steven Fyke, CEO of Furna, said that “Our goal is to reinvent the cannabis vaping experience by making it flexible and exceptionally easy for anyone.”

The fully modular system makes it easy for the vapers to use it diversely. It has a range of assortments and devices that can help with varied uses of the vaper. Furna’s vaper takes mere seconds to swap out pre-packed ovens to switch flavors or strains. The switching process is easy and effortless.

As also mentioned on, Furna’s vaper is compact, which makes it protected from germs, lint, or the elements. That makes the device easy to clean and hassle-free to use whenever you need it.

The Furna system has a long-lasting battery vaporizer, a Furna digital screen, the concentrate ovens, Furna Dry herbs oven, over Carrier and nib packs. Furna’s new system is one of its kind. It is the first one of its type in the world. The team at Furna is of BlackBerry Executives whose sole aim is to create a next-gen vaping experience. They intend to revolutionize the fast-growing cannabis vapor industry.

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