Avoiding paranoia and disturbed senses

Now that weed is legal in NJ, my friend invited me to go to a dispensary with her. I’ve smoked weed a few times in the past, and wouldn’t exactly call myself a fan. Experience has varied from okay to genuinely unpleasant. I’m sure some of it has to do with the strain and ratio of THC/CBD, but as I’ve only ever used whatever my friends got from wherever, it’s hard to pinpoint what tracks with a poor experience. With that said, I’m looking to find something there that DOESN’T suck.

What I’m looking to avoid? My sense of touch and awareness of my body in space tends to get very disturbed. e.g., I’ll become HYPER aware I’m touching the couch, down to the individual contours of the fabric, or chewing food (eating is incredibly unpleasant tbh). I also tend to experience racing thoughts that have led to panic attacks, which I’ve never experienced sober (usually a death loop of can’t remember what I was saying -> hyperfocused on forgetfulness -> hyperfocused on how the human brain thinks -> racing thoughts about metacognition -> panic attack about my humanity).

What causes this, and what strain/concentration should I look for to mitigate these unpleasant effects? It’s also possible marijuana just isn’t for me; no loss if it is not, but I figure trying it “controlled” from a dispensary vs. some friend of a friend of a friend might be a better experience.

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