Marijuana for Dental procedures?

I had a gum grafting surgery yesterday with NO2 on top of local anesthetic for numbing purposes. The surgery was absolutely painless because of all the numbing and I was, obviously, very relaxed yet coherent throughout the hour that it took. And I honestly just thought the nitrous would have more of an effect on me? That I’d act more goofy or something? Never had nitrous previously. But really it kind of felt like it was just my baseline. I figured this was because, to be honest, I’m typically high all the time. I smoke a lot but am also highly* functional. (To be clear- I did not smoke anything before my procedure because I didn’t want to combine the two.)

Anyways it just got me wondering if one day we will get to a point where marijuana can be offered as a level of sedation for minor procedures in dental offices. Via an edible prescribed to take 1 hour before, or perhaps an inhaler of a sort? Maybe even (similar to nitrous) a nose piece that supplies weed vapor? I haven’t thought too much on this. It is more a small hope than anything. Obviously this isn’t for everyone- I know some have very negative side effects when they are high… But for many others, like myself, I feel like it would be a great option to be relaxed and less anxious for these kind of procedures.

Any thoughts from the crowd?

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