Can Peppermint Improve Focus and Boost Energy?

When you were in grade school, your teacher may have handed out peppermint candies before standardized tests or big study sessions. At the time you may have thought it to be nothing more than a fun gesture or a sweet treat. Maybe your teacher shared some magical lore about how peppermint can be used to improve focus and brainpower.

We’re diving in to share what we’ve unearthed about the power of this herb—while peppermint can’t miraculously make you smarter, its ability to increase focus and combat mental fatigue is. This is good news for those seeking alternative solutions to fight screen fatigue and find peace and clarity amid the daily grind. We’ve rounded up the science behind the power of peppermint and look at the uplifting properties of peppermint CBD products.

Menthol helps stimulate your hippocampus

Menthol is likely a taste you know and love, but what you may not know is that menthol is one of the oldest and most widely used terpene compounds on the planet. So what exactly is menthol and how do its energizing effects work? In short, menthol is an organic compound that can be derived from oils found in multiple varieties of mints. Similar to the cooling sensation menthol gives, it’s a crystalline substance that physically looks like ice—cue “Let It Go.”

Its cooling sensation creates a complex sensory experience that can help relieve pain when applied topically or ingested. For this reason, minty balms may help soothe aching muscles and minty teas may help alleviate sore throats. Additionally, when ingested, menthol can stimulate the hippocampus region in your brain.

The hippocampus—throwback to AP Psychology—is the area of the brain that controls memory and clarity. Thus, menthol activating the hippocampus results in increased attention, awareness and heightened alertness. So while it may seem like peppermint can make you smarter, it really is just helping you be your best self. Kinda cool, huh?

In several studies, including this famous one conducted at the University of Cincinnati, it was shown that students who enjoyed peppermint while taking a test ended up with better grades on their tests.

Both tasting and smelling peppermint can work wonders

While tasting and smelling peppermint can both have positive effects on cerebral stimulation, the type of stimulation varies between the two. Chewing peppermint-flavored gum, for example, works in two ways—chewing gum increases the flow of oxygen to your brain, which can help your attentiveness, while tasting the peppermint can improve your memory and help you work with more clarity.

Conversely, research has shown that smelling peppermint can have a positive effect on your mind’s long-term potentiation, or LTP. LTP plays a critical role in your ability to form long-term memories, and peppermint can help enhance LTP, making learning new information more sustainable.

It has been noted that those who experience both tasting and smelling peppermint often report feeling more vigorous and less sleepy. For these reasons, it’s no wonder menthol products have boomed in popularity throughout the years.

It isn’t just chewing gum that works

Similar to how peppermint can work twofold in chewing gum, it can also have added benefits when paired with another component. If you’re a peppermint fanatic and find yourself searching for a product that incorporated both CBD and peppermint you may be interested in our peppermint CBD oil pen. This CBD peppermint oil will cool you off and stimulate your senses and may help increase alertness and focus.

With one to two milligrams of pure CBD in every puff, this peppermint pen may have you feeling a sense of enlightenment and many report a decrease in “brain fog” and feelings of energy and relief. This oil is formulated with pure CBD isolate so you need not stress about harmful substances. The blend of peppermint, CBD, and MCT oil will give you the fuel you need to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

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