How Long Does CBD Last? CBD Intake & How to Consume It

If you’re tempted to explore the recent surge in popularity of hemp products, you may have asked yourself, “how long does CBD last?” As a new player in the wellness supplement game, there isn’t much research about CBD for the average user. Sure, we know about CBD treatments for those with severe epilepsy, but what about doses for those without a medical need?

Will CBD have lasting effects on those who don’t use it for medical purposes? As you probably guessed, it depends. Each person’s body metabolizes substances at a different rate. This plays an important role in how long the effects of CBD will last. Along with that, methods of delivery will have an effect.

Let’s dive into how to make the most of your CBD experience by exploring the different ways you can take it.

Vape for Speed

best CBD vape pensThere you are, sitting at your desk when all of a sudden you’re struck with a screaming headache. You need fast relief. Thankfully, you have your discreet vape pen right there in your pocket. All is well.

When it comes to getting CBD into your system as quickly as possible, nothing works faster than vaping. Thanks to a dense network of capillaries and alveoli, anything that makes it into your lungs is quickly distributed throughout your body.

If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. Without oxygen, your muscles wouldn’t be able to work. Lungs have to efficiently get that oxygen into the bloodstream, and that works just as well for CBD fumes. Many people use vape pens as a way to quickly remedy headaches or fall asleep.

Unfortunately, this instant delivery has its drawbacks. The effects of CBD wear off much faster when vaped than with other delivery methods. Sure, it’s easy to vape wherever you want, but you’ll have to do it more often since the effects usually last no longer than a couple of hours.

If you’re just looking for quick CBD relief, vaping is a great option. For a longer-lasting benefit, there are better alternatives.

Tincture Drops for Broader Effects

After vaping, the next fastest way to get CBD into your system is with sublingual tincture drops—under the tongue, in other words. Because there are glands in your mouth that aren’t filtered out by the digestive system, CBD that is dropped under the tongue can get to work quickly. Plus, you won’t have to vape at all.

While it takes a little longer for tincture drops to get to work, they last longer than vaped CBD. Many people use tincture oils as part of their daily wellness routine—and longevity isn’t even the best part.

Tincture oils are formulated to keep the plant’s terpenes and flavanoids intact. These special compounds are grown by the plant to attract natural predators so that the plant’s seeds will be eaten and distributed elsewhere, helping to propagate its DNA.

Not only are terpenes more flavorful and interesting, but they contain special properties beyond the CBD oil itself. Limonene, for example, smells nice but also acts as an anti-anxiety agent. For a more comprehensive CBD experience, choosing a product that contains terpenes is a great way to go.

On top of all this goodness, tincture oils are easy to measure. Each dropper will contain 1 ml, so with a little basic math, you’ll know exactly how much of the drug goes into your system. The same cannot be said of vaping.

Chewing Your Vitamins

A man opening up a bottle of CBD men's gummiesAs CBD gets more and more popular, new formulations are developed to suit the different lifestyles of people everywhere. One of those formulations is the daily CBD gummy. These tasty treats provide a measured dose of CBD, usually with a few other goodies as well.

With gummies, CBD can be combined with protein-rich supplements or even formulated as a daily multivitamin. This ease of delivery makes it much faster to get your daily dose of CBD without having to charge batteries or figure out where to drop oil under your tongue.

Similar to tincture oils, gummies maintain more of the plant’s terpenes and other characteristics intact. When working in concert, all these different compounds provide the most comprehensive benefit to users.

Since gummies are digested in the stomach, they last longer than vaping or tincture oils—usually between 2-4 hours. Many people say edibles feel better, too. You can be the judge of that.

The Rise of the CBD Topical

For some people, ingesting CBD isn’t an option. This may be true for those taking blood thinners or certain other medications, as CBD targets a cytochrome responsible for distributing drugs. The good news is there are now topical formulas available.

Topicals are great because they are mainly absorbed by the skin. The amount of CBD that can enter the bloodstream, if any, is minimal. Some people use CBD topicals as a way to treat joint pain and inflammation. Others have started using CBD in beauty products, such as facial serums or face masks.

While it seems like new technology, hemp oil as a topical has been in use for centuries as an anti-inflammatory agent. For those interested in finding alternatives to the more heavy-hitting painkillers, CBD topicals provide a welcome solution.

How Tolerance Comes into Play

A woman staring into spaceJust because CBD is safe and non-toxic doesn’t mean you should take as much as you can. Exceeding your body’s limits can lead to tolerance, where your brain stops producing as many of its own endocannabinoids. When tolerance occurs, it becomes difficult to feel the effects of CBD, requiring larger and larger doses to make it work.

You don’t want this to happen. The best way to avoid tolerance is to stay within your limits. Start with about 20 mg and gradually increase until you find a dose you like, then stay there.

If you already took too much and can’t seem to feel the CBD anymore, just take a couple of days off. The brain can recover quickly, and you’ll be able to get the benefits of your hemp product again.

Tolerance is particularly common for those who vape CBD. Why? Because the dose is usually smaller and wears off faster. As a result, people start taking more pulls off their vape pens to keep the comfort flowing. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much CBD can do after a while.

Your body’s endocannabinoid system is a complex network with hubs in most major organs. The hormones produced by this system come naturally. When CBD is introduced, the process goes on for longer than normal, allowing your body to create more endocannabinoids and help you feel better. By sticking to a reasonable dose, you can keep this system working in proper order.

Always Buy Quality CBD

Water is wet, CBD wears off. It’s just part of life. When you gradually take more CBD, it begins to wear off faster. The best solution is just to buy quality products that require smaller doses.

Start with organic products, and always look for a lab report if one is available. These are helpful documents that tell you how much CBD is present, as well as whether or not there are other compounds in the product—good or bad.

Once you find a great vendor, you can stay stocked up on great CBD products.

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