Recently got my medical card – is the flower as good as the better stuff you can get on the streets?

I’m a pretty casual smoker, maybe an 8th a month. I mostly keep it around for when I watch movies, and smoke my pen much more often. During the summer my consumption kicks up significantly for kayaking season where I am going through about an eighth a week.

I have a pretty good hookup, the guy gets pretty skunky, sticky stuff. Will I be able to find this in medical dispensaries, and at a similar price point? I pay about $45-50 an eighth. I’m in the Midwest, but my experience so far with recreational dispensaries out west has been extremely disappointing, very dry and crumbly, not nearly as skunky. The potency is there, sure but the taste, smell and texture are equally as important as the high, to me anyway.

Is this only because of the elevation and dry, arid climate of Colorado or is it like this in all recreational states? Are the medical dispensaries any different? I know at least the cartridges will be infinitely better but was really hoping this could be my one stop shop and I could be done fucking with dealing with shady space cadet losers every time I need weed.

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