The Golfer’s Guide To CBD

Golf is fun. Golf is fun. Golf is fun. It’s the mantra I mumble to myself as I dig my feet into the grainy sand for my fourth attempt to get out of the trap.

For many of us looking to have a relaxing afternoon on the course, the exasperated feeling can be very mutual. There seems to be a bottomless pit of tips and tricks players use to improve their game — all with minimal benefits to the scorecard.

However, there is a rising trend between amateurs and pros in the PGA tour that seems to be getting raving reviews. CBD, which in 2018 was removed from the prohibited list of substances for the World AntiDoping Agency, has soared onto the scene as a benefit to both mind and body for players.

The application of CBD into the game is about as varied as the swing tips from a friend. Each variation of CBD provides its own unique benefits. Whether one is looking to loosen up some muscles, gain some muscle recovery after a long 18-holes, or get an added calming effect when on the verge of throwing a putter into the lake. CBD can provide an extra boost.

Our resident golf pro, Jonny Mac, gave us

his personal experience utilizing Social CBD to improve his game. He incorporates CBD before a long day, “I use the chill CBD gummies to help restore my sense of calm before a big event. It helps me stay centered and focused through the day on the course.”
Along with utilizing CBD to help him throughout the day, Jonny Mac also incorporates some CBD into his evening routine, too. “When the day is done, I go to the
muscle rub to help relax my body and relieve any ache and pains. At night, I usethe sleep CBD gummies, which are a great way to help me unwind and get a good night’s rest.”

Here are some of the best products that can provide those range of benefits for players — both amateur and professional alike.

Meyer Lemon Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops

With players like Bubba Watson and Charley Hoffman, who have both acknowledged using CBD on tour, utilizing CBD drops (or CBD tinctures) is the most popular way to receive the benefits of CBD on-the-go.

With Social CBD’s lemon drops, the lemon zest gives the players an energizing boost. As the tincture begins to work within that Endocannabinoid System (which we explain in another blog here), CBD begins to regulate mood and stress response. Vital to keeping a cool head during a makeable putt.

An additional benefit of the lemon CBD drops is that the tincture can be added onto food, into drinks, or applied directly under the tongue. Each of which can control how quickly one feels the effects, and for how long.

CBD-Infused Patch

For golfers that experience stiffness, tension, or inflammation in a particular area during their rounds, Social CBD’s infused patch is a perfect solution for focusing the benefits of CBD to a particular area of the body.

Whether you’re looking to loosen up your shoulder, back, or knee, the CBD patch is easy to apply and gives the user a slow release of CBD for over a 24 hour period.
Applying the patch before a round can provide some extra flexibility during play and continue to work after the round to enhance muscle recovery.

The patch is a great option for those looking to improve their game rapidly by playing often. There is nothing like a bit of stiffness to throw a decent round of golf into a tailspin by the fourth hole.

Relax Lavender CBD Vape Pen

CBD vape pens are truly the perfect companion to any golf bag. While Social CBD has a variety of CBD pens that provide benefits to enhance focus or energy, the one that will be beneficial to most of us is the Lavender CBD pen designed to enhance relaxation.

Numerous studies have been done showing the positive benefits the smell of lavender has on our brain. Combined with the potent effects of CBD, the pen truly provides a sense of calm when a player needs it most.

For me, it’s when I dig my feet into the grainy sand for my fifth attempt to get out of the trap. I halt my golf is fun mantra, stand up, and take a pull from the pen. Even if my game won’t improve, I can at least enjoy myself a little bit more.

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