The Growth Of The High CBD Flower Strain

Chemical compounds develop in the cannabis plant trichomes, including cannabinoids like cannabidiol or CBD. The substance is a legally accepted alternative to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol enriched marijuana, also from the cannabis plant. CBD is non-intoxicating in comparison, while THC will get a user “high.”

Cannabidiol is drawing attention all the time, gaining an edge over THC in the limelight, considering its purported therapeutic properties. More people choose the high CBD hemp flower strains for these benefits, understanding that the THC level is merely trace for these products.

Users have the choice to vape or smoke CBD in the same way they would marijuana THC-rich buds. That is if THC stays within legal limits. Legally it would be at or below 0.3% in the United States and 0.2% in Europe. For guidance on consuming CBD go to

Cannabidiol As A Primary Cannabinoid

For decades growers used selective breeding to produce massive THC levels and now are implementing the same techniques for creating high CBD flower strains. The likelihood for a high CBD content increases when two high cannabidiol strains crossbreed with two lower ones of THC. The highest level a plant can achieve is as much as 25%.

The potential is there for THC to fall to a negligible amount. Studies suggest CBD properties are the best combined with all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds, including THC.

When you smoke or vape, you receive the full spectrum of benefits because the buds are unchanged when processing for sale. In order to activate the ingredients, the flower needs to be heated, which is automatic with vaping or smoking. If you use the compound for edibles, the substance needs to go in the oven for activation first.

Aside from the whole bud, the cannabinoid comes in a vast range of forms on the market and a number of ways for consumption, as you can see at Cheefbotanicals, a trusted online site. Some of the more common products include tinctures, oils, edibles, topicals, and soft gels. But smoking cannabidiol and vaping are becoming two of the most popular administration techniques.

Consumption Of High CBD Strains

CBD is quickly becoming a favored compound over THC with its capacity for aiding in wellness without intoxicating. THC produces a “high” with consumption leading some people to turn away from the cannabinoid.

The preferences for consuming high cannabidiol are becoming smoking or vaping the whole bud over other administrations. There are several reasons these delivery techniques take precedence. Some include:

  • Smoking: Whether you roll a joint, enjoy a pre-roll, or indulge in a pipe, smoking takes the lead for the favorite way of ingesting CBD. The consensus is that this administration is the most efficient. The substance absorbs fully, fast, and with potency intact.

Smoke can prove harsh for the lungs, though, for anyone who might already have a preexisting respiratory condition, including asthma. Otherwise, CBD is a much more healthful option compared to nicotine and tobacco.

In some cases, there is potential for smokers to stop the harmful behaviors by instead simulating the habit with cannabidiol joints rather than standard cigarettes.

  • Vaping: Vaping is an alternative to smoking for those who prefer to heat the flower instead of taking the burnt matter into their lungs. The bud heats to the point of activating the terpenes and cannabinoids and releasing vapor for inhaling into the lungs.

Debates ensue whether vape is safer than smoking, but there seem to be more proponents indicating the consumption is not as harsh for the lungs. But the process is also not as budget friendly as smoking with the supplies that need buying.

  • Edibles: The recipes you can make with the hemp buds are countless. You can find many online, or you can buy premade. These are easy to prepare, but it’s essential to remember to heat the compound to activate the ingredients.

Aside from baking, the substance is a good addition for cooking, brewing teas, and so much more. The flower is potent, with each strain having a distinct flavor and aroma. These will affect any dish that you make considerably.

That means it can take time and practice to get food and beverages to the point of satisfaction. You also need to understand that when you ingest cannabidiol through the digestive system, it will take longer to react (as long as two hours) and will break down some through the process, losing strength.

It’s a little different to determine the amount of cannabinoids in buds or strains than it would be in an oil or other products. These usually show up as a percentage, so it will take some math to come up with the mg to determine your dosage.

Final Thought

Growers are producing higher CBD strains than ever before. The demand increases for the more therapeutic compound over THC, responsible for inducing the mind-altering euphoria in marijuana.

The preferred method for consumption is smoking because the compound makes its way to the brain faster with a greater potency giving the best of cannabidiol benefits to the user.

For those concerned with lung health or a preexisting lung issue, vaping is nearly as effective as smoking with the same rapid, potent results, only offering less hazard to the lungs. The challenge with buds is determining a dose, but in following packaging directions and speaking with the manufacturer, you’ll have a reliable guide.

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