Weed Rice Crispy Recipe

Infusing your Rice Krispie Treats with THC

Using the above recipe as a template, here are some modifications you can make to maximize your edible’s potential:

Replace Your Butter with Cannabis Butter

If you want to turn your rice krispies treats into bonafide marijuana edibles swapping out your regular butter for cannabis butter is the most basic and easy way to do so. Take extra care when heating it on the stove top, though, as you want to avoid boiling away the THC and other cannabinoids preserved within.

Replace Your Marshmallows with Cannabis Marshmallows

These sweet treats are a popular item at cannabis bakeries and easy to make at home (if you have the right equipment); for an extra hit of marijuana goodness toss these in as an ingredient along with your cannabis infused butter.

Use Your Cannabis Butter Instead of Cooking Spray

Anyone who’s ever made rice krispie treats before knows the importance of ensuring that every last millimeter of your receiving pan must be greased and greased thoroughly. Though cooking spray is fast and easy any kind of oil will do, so why not use one that’s been infused? Cannabis butter is fairly standard for this type of recipe but you could also use cannabis infused olive oil or even coconut oil for this; just remember that these oils then become ingredients, and their flavor will carry over to the final treat.

Switch Up Your Flavors

Though this won’t contribute to the psychoactive nature of your edibles you can mix it up and create some unique flavor combinations by using different brands/flavors of cereal or marshmallows. Nearly any puffed-rice-based cereal (such as Fruity Pebbles) make an excellent substitute for the Rice Krispies. Just think: Cannabis infused Cocoa Pebbles treats made with chocolate marshmallows and topped with a layer of dark chocolate ganache? Yes, your friends will want that recipe.

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