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Hemp: For the People, By the People. Introducing Our New Triple O CBD. Setting a new standard of CBD products. Triple O stands for Origin, Organic, and Oversight.


Hempire State Growers’ mission is at the core of everything we do: to improve lives, naturally. We are committed to product quality and consistency. Our CBD products are Triple O Grade which stands for:

  • organically grown

  • scientific oversight

  • single origin

Our quality, cGMP certified CBD retail products come from hemp grown in our own fields, hung by hand to air dry, and extracted on-site—trackable from seed to sale. From the genetics to the shelf in our own CBD Shop, we apply rigorous standards to every step of the process. Hempire State Growers is also deeply committed to principled practices including regenerative agriculture and ethical pricing.

As part of a long Hudson Valley farming legacy, Hempire State Growers was founded by women—Amy and Gail Hepworth—and draws on seven generations of farming knowledge. The Hepworths are committed to supporting their workforce with fair wages and profit sharing, and prioritizing social justice and equity in all their dealings.

As part of the legacy of Hepworth Farms, a 550 acre certified organic vegetable operation that has been around since 1818, the Hepworths have forged strong bonds in the Hudson Valley. They have gathered a talented network of growers, scientists, engineers, product developers, and regulatory and legal experts who share the belief that when farms succeed, communities thrive.

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