Can CBD Treat Arthritis In Dogs?

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Arthritis can affect both humans as well as animals. If this inflammatory condition is not treated properly, it can cause many health problems and even decreases your mobility. Usually, arthritis is treated using anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAIDs. However, these drugs may have severe side effects in some people and that is why the researchers are looking for natural remedies for the treatment of arthritis.

According to some earlier studies, CBD can be an effective arthritis treatment in both animals and humans. In recent times, people have become more aware of the health benefits of CBD for dogs and more dog owners are seeking CBD products for dogs to treat many of the health disorders affecting dogs, including arthritis.

CBD For Arthritis

In recent years, hundreds of studies are going around the world to find out the effects of CBD on people suffering from arthritis. Some studies also looked at CBD’s effects on animals with arthritis. All these studies have shown positive results. The studies proved that CBD can possess anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that help in reducing the inflammation in your body and alleviate the pain associated with it.

Most of the studies looked at how CBD helped in treating osteoarthritis. This inflammatory condition is usually treated with NSAIDs but they have many downsides. These drugs may cause some severe side effects in some people and that is one of the reasons why people are looking for natural remedies for the treatment of different forms of arthritis.

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CBD For Arthritis In Dogs

There are only very few studies that looked at the effects of CBD on treating arthritis in dogs. One study on dogs with osteoarthritis showed that giving 2 mg of CBD for dogs twice a day helped in improving their mobility.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are the main reason why it has become popular as a treatment option for arthritis in dogs. There are many anecdotal records of CBD users that say that CBD was very effective in alleviating osteoarthritis in their dogs.

Talk To A Veterinarian

Studies on the effects of CBD on animals are still in the earlier stages. Therefore, if you decide to give CBD to your dogs for any health conditions, you should talk with a veterinarian first. This is very important because a vet can help you in figuring out the right CBD dosage and he/she can also advise you on the interaction of CBD with other drugs.

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