New anxiety from smoking :(

During the pandemic I’ve come to realize that life is extremely delicate. I’d had many people close to me pass away as well. Now, every time I try to smoke, I am overcome by this extreme existential anxiety and realize that at any moment I could die. Not knowing what happens after death also enhances the crisis tenfold! Or sometimes, instead of that thought I begin to focus on the fact that I am just an animal surviving as opposed to a person experiencing life if you get what I mean. I don’t know what to do because smoking was my relief from anxiety and now it only makes it worse. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and what they did to fix it? Or have an idea on how to fix it? I just wanna enjoy weed again 🙁

(P.S. i’m gonna post this to a few other subreddits bc i need any help i can get.)

Thanks guys 💚🍃

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