Limonene strains can produce and anti-anxiety impact.

[ad_1] The terpene limonene is closely expressed all through Hashish sativa strains.Limonene will get it title from citrus peels (lemons and oranges) and has a bigprevalence in perfumes, cosmetics, cleansing […]

Limonene #2

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Limonene’s Results on Nervousness and Despair

[ad_1] Limonene, a monoterpene, is taken into account to be the second most generally distributed terpene in nature [1], behind the mighty α-pinene [2], and is fashioned naturally from a […]

Limonene: A Cannabis Terpene Profile

[ad_1] Of all the terpenes found in cannabis, limonene is a favorite of many. The fresh and lemony aroma of limonene is part of what makes Super Lemon Haze and […]